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United Bible Studies – “Return Of The Rivers” – now on lathe cut

United Bible studies
United Bible studies
Two mesmeric, sprawling tracks on a clear lathe-cut vinyl, from this reclusive esoteric folk collective. Originally a cassette release on the mighty Cruel Nature Recordings, we are very pleased and honoured to bring this excellent work to the lathe cut format.

"on The Return of the Rivers we are met with two compositions that mix elements of jazz and fractured folk into something protracted and forlorn. Brimming with locality that pays homage to wide open spaces, The Return of the Rivers is pastoral folk-drone as its finest, and yet another fine release from one of Ireland’s great underground purveyors of experimentation." (Sun 13).

Releases Friday 2nd September, via Bandcamp. 25 copies only!

New Releases in 2022

Coming up, in as yet to be determined order…

Nujumi: The Astrologer LP
United Bible Studies: LP TBC
Michael Plater / Enclosed & Silent Order: Split Cassette
Entwined: Her Cherished Mask LP
Michael Plater: Ghost Music LP
John Hannon: Cigarette Variations LP
Gate Master: LP TBC
Enclosed & Silent Order: Synedrion LP (Remixes)
Enclosed & Silent Order: Entrainment LP
Weapon Eyes: S/T LP

How The End Always Is – now on a lathe-cut

Our special lockdown project featuring 17 of our favourite acts paying homage to The Cure… is now on lathe cut vinyl! 2 x clear LPs and 1 x clear 10″, with the same artwork as the cassette release.

As you’ll appreciate, lathe cutting is an expensive business, so copies are £70 plus postage, for the seriously committed.

Featuring tracks by Enclosed & Silent Order, Sieben, Daniel Merrill (The Dead Rat Orchestra, Nujumi), Isnaj Dui and a whole load more – this is easily the best tribute to The Cure there’s ever been.

Buy it on Bandcamp: https://hypostaticunion.bandcamp.com/album/how-the-end-always-is-a-cure-tribute

John Hannon

I am devastated at the loss of friend, musical collaborator, recording engineer genius and gifted musician John Hannon, who suddenly passed away this month.

I owe so much to John – the encouragement he gave me to start recording my own material, and later to expand into this record label project was absolutely crucial, and simply none of this would have happened without him.

He leaves a huge legacy of his own musical endeavours – from the 90s hardcore act Understand, later eschewing all notions of music industry celebrity and going his own way with Woe, later morphing into the great Liberez – and finally, after much cajoling, his solo record which was nearing completion. When the time is right, I hope this can still see the light of day on the label.

His work can also be found in the myriad acts he produced at his recording studio, NO – the creative factory where nearly all the Hypostatic Union releases took form. John was the antithesis of the typical studio engineer, open to off-kilter ideas but always ready with excellent advice and a keen ear for what was required. Days in the studio with him were an absolute joy – and hearing some of the many hilarious stories he’d collected over the years was always a highlight!

My thoughts go out to all who knew and loved him.

Thanks John – for everything.

May 2021.

Enclosed & Silent Order: Seraph EP – pre-order now open


The new EP from dark ambient / experimental / post-rock dronelords Enclosed & Silent Order is available for pre-order from 7pm on Friday 9th April 2021.

3 tracks of atmospheric immersive ambient / drone from Liberez and Extreme Noise Terror members. Including an ULVER cover.


A full album is nearing completion and will see a release in late 2021.