Hypostatic Union

Weapon Eyes S/T LP – Out Now

4 synapse-melting modular-synth derived tracks – abrasive, cold and uncompromising… from the man who brought you Alien and Masal. Those who witnessed his live outings in support of Melt Banana and others will attest to the above. 20 Lathe Cut LPs nearly gone at the time of writing.https://hypostaticunion.bandcamp.com/album/weapon-eyes

New Releases in 2022

Coming up, in as yet to be determined order… Nujumi: The Astrologer LPUnited Bible Studies: LP TBCMichael Plater / Enclosed & Silent Order: Split CassetteEntwined: Her Cherished Mask LPMichael Plater: Ghost Music LPJohn Hannon: Cigarette Variations LPGate Master: LP TBCEnclosed & Silent Order: Synedrion LP (Remixes)Enclosed & Silent Order: Entrainment LPWeapon Eyes: S/T LP

John Hannon

I am devastated at the loss of friend, musical collaborator, recording engineer genius and gifted musician John Hannon, who suddenly passed away this month. I owe so much to John – the encouragement he gave me to start recording my own material, and later to expand into this record label project was absolutely crucial, and […]

Enclosed & Silent Order Apparel

Very limited run of T Shirts now available via Bandcamp – most likely never to be repeated. Perfect for out-kulting the scenesters at the post-industrial gig… https://enclosedandsilentorder.bandcamp.com/merch/opu-t-n-t-shirt-green https://enclosedandsilentorder.bandcamp.com/merch/opu-t-n-t-shirt-black