Hypostatic Union

Nujumi: The Astrologer


The Astrologer, the second full-length EP by Nujumi (Daniel Merrill), emerges from the depths of introspection and creativity. Released under the Hypostatic Union Label, this sonic offering ventures into the realms of the esoteric texts of early 20th century technologists that feel wyrdly prescient in our current era. 

The album invites listeners to explore intricate melodies and evocative compositions that resonate with profound depth. Alongside the digital download, a limited edition run of meticulously crafted lathe cut vinyl records, skilfully produced by the revered Bladud Flies, are available for those seeking a tactile connection to the music. Each vinyl groove becomes a testament to the symbiotic relationship between spirituality and technology. 

Nujumi draws inspiration from his love for his wife and her profound studies of Nubian music, weaving a rich tapestry of sound. Within this sonic fabric, the vigorous threads of English Romanticism entwine with the rhythmic pulse of Nubian traditions, creating mantric imaginings of celestial alignments. These themes are sumptuously explored in the unique artwork created by Rana Kadry, and album design by Paul Stride-Noble.

Released July 1 2023. Limited on demand Lathe-Cut and Bandcamp Download.