Hypostatic Union

Enclosed & Silent Order: Entrainment


Moving on from the brutality of 2020’s Opuštěný, Entrainment takes a more varied and measured approach, drawing on Stafford Glover’s love for post rock greats such as Silo, Labradford and Popol Vuh, and the cold atmosphere of Sabres of Paradise’s masterpiece Haunted Dancehall LP.


The album’s theme takes the form of an imagined psychogeographical journey inspired by a teenage dream in the early 1990s – an invocation of a psychic mandala, accessed by geographical nodes that lead to an “out of time” otherworld and associated encounters with unnamed entities therein. A contemporary take on the traditional notion of nature spirits and their tendency to take souls for unknowable motives.


Recorded in John Hannon’s No Recording Studio in 2021, the album’s release was put on hiatus after the untimely passing of Hannon, an event which induced a long period of grief and reflection. It is released now in unfinished form, with some final mixing by Jay Stapley at Driftwood Studio, West Mersea. 


With the passing of Hannon, this marks the end of Enclosed & Silent Order’s current incarnation. A new form may or may not emerge soon.

Released September 1st, 2023